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History and Game Links April – June 2019

Historical Video Games 

  • China: Mao’s Legacy, Steam blurb: “Year 1976, the stormy Cultural revolution has died down, hard times of hongweibing and public critics are coming to an end. Old and sick Mao Zedong will soon leave China to his comrades from CPC. The Cold War is coming into a new phase…
  • Crusader Kings, Iron Century, The latest update (and free) for Paradox’s strategy/role-playing/diplomacy game set in the Medieval period. Iron Century starts players in the 10th century.
  • Dawn of Man Steam blurb: “Command a settlement of ancient humans, guide them through the ages in their struggle for survival. Hunt, gather, craft tools, fight, research new techs and face the challenges the environment will throw at you.”
  • Fort Sumter: The Secession Crisis. A well-received port of Mark Herman’s board game of the same name. Steam blurb: “Can you drive the Secessionist into the Fort Sumter trap that gave Lincoln his historic victory? Can you successfully use the issue of States Rights to divide Northern opinion? Fort Sumter let’s you explore this seminal moment in American history in a fast-playing, easy-to-learn card driven game.”

  • From Village to Empire Steam blurb: “From Village to Empire is an indie turn based strategy game with a historical setting. Build cities, research technologies, and train units to discover new lands and conquer the world!”
  • Heaven’s Vault  – Not really a historical game per se, but one whose archaeological setting has really excited archaeo-gamers. Steam blurb: “Explore lost ruins, decipher ancient inscriptions, and create your own story in this massively-branching archaeological science-fiction adventure game from the creators of 80 Days.”
  • Her Majesty’s Ship – Steam blurb: “All young naval officers dream of becoming Admiral, but few realise this can’t be done without a loyal crew and keeping the vessel under your command afloat!”
  • Imperator: Rome – Paradox interactive’s grand strategy game set in the 4th – 1st centuries BCE Mediterranean.
  • Jon Shafer’s At the Gates,  Steam Blurb: “At the Gates is an indie strategy game from Jon Shafer, designer of Civilization 5. You are a dark age lord building a kingdom to replace the crumbling Roman Empire. Manage your clans, explore the landscape around you, harvest its resources, and build a mighty economic and military machine.” I plan to talk with Jon more generally about historical game design, with the emphasis on historical, later this month.
  • Lichenia: A City Building Game for the Anthropocene. Playable online. Developer Molleindustria describes: “A city building game for the Anthropocene. Reclaim the ruins of a fallen city and create a sustainable human habitat. There are no goals and no endings in Lichenia. Learn about its cryptic ecology. Grow a city like a garden.”
  • Pathway – Another game potentially interesting to archaeogamers. Steam blurb: “Adventure into the strange unknown with Pathway, a strategy RPG set in the 1930s great desert wilderness. Outwit your enemies in daring turn-based combat, raid occult tombs and make tough choices in a procedurally generated grand pulp expedition!”
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms Steam blurb: “Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is the first in the award-winning series to recreate epic conflict across ancient China. Combining a gripping turn-based campaign of empire-building & conquest with stunning real-time battles, THREE KINGDOMS redefines the series in an age of heroes & legends.”
  • Tropico 6 Steam blurb: “El Presidente is back! Prove yourself once again as a feared dictator or peace-loving statesman on the island state of Tropico and shape the fate of your very own banana republic through four distinctive eras.”
  • We. The Revolution Steam blurb: “As a judge of the Revolutionary Tribunal, preside over complicated cases of ordinary citizens, dangerous criminals, and enemies of the revolution in revolutionary Paris. Make judgments, plot political intrigue, and try to not lose your own head!”. S

Historical Board Games 

  • Brave Little Belgium, Hollandspiele Games, who describes it as “a lightning-quick introductory wargame,” on the German offensive through Belgium at the start of World War I.
  • Gandhi: The Decolonization of British India, 1917-1947 GMT Games blurb: “Volume IX in GMT’s acclaimed COIN Series. Exploring one of the world’s most prominent experiments with nonviolent resistance, Gandhi takes us to the subcontinent of India, … 1 to 4 players compete to determine the future of India; will the transition to home rule be a peaceful one, will India be split apart by partition or civil war, or will it remain firmly in the grip of empire?”

Twine and Twine Histories

  • CCDS History Twines: Caesar and Pompey from Fall 2018 Roman Republic is finally up — and it’s excellent!  Here at Gamingthepast.net

Interactive Fiction

  • Chris Klimas, “Twine: Past, Present, and Future” A Narrascope 2019 talk on the Twine IF design tool/environment/platform
  • Graham Nelson, Opening Inform, A Narrascope 2019 talk on the IF design tool/environment/platform, Inform and its future by Inform’s designer

Games and Teaching History Teaching

Games and History – Essays and Journal Articles from History and Games Critics, Students and Scholars

Games and History – Online Reviews, Essays, Commentary, and News Items from Games Media and other Media


Designer Insights

  • Jeremiah McCall, Gaming the Past, Interview: Matthieu Brevet, Steel Division II. 5/18/19 Recently, I had the opportunity to pose a list of questions about history and games to Matthieu Brevet, historian and game designer at Eugen Systems, makers of both historical and counterfactual strategy games such as R.U.S.E., the Wargame series, and Steel Division: Normandy 44. Eugen just released Steel Division II.
  • Tom Russell, Hollandspiele, A First Look at Ensi. Tom discusses the design of his upcoming solitaire game focused on civilization building in Sumer, Ensi
  • Jon Shafer, At the Gates Future Plans
  • Terminal Conflict (Steam Early Access) Developer Diary

Podcasts and Youtubes


Other Things That May Be of Interest

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