Jeremiah McCall’s Work

I am happy to provide copies of all articles and chapters if they are not linked here.

Books, Articles, and Chapters on Video Games and History

Gaming the Past: Using Video Games to Teach Secondary History. Second Edition. Routledge 2022.

“History Games.” The Encyclopedia of ludic Terms 2022

“Digital Legionaries: Video Game Simulations of the Face of Battle in the Republic” in C. Rollinger, ed. Playing with the Ancient World: Representations of Antiquity in Video Games,  Bloomsbury 2020.
“Historical Video Games as Participatory Public History,” in D. Dean ed., A Companion to Public History, Wiley, 2018.
Gaming the Past: Using Video Games to Teach Secondary History. Routledge, 2011. (Amazon Link)

“Path of Honors: Towards a Model for Interactive History Texts with Twine.” Epoiesen, 2018 (Link)

  • Angus Mol, “Path of Honors: First Response” (Link)
  • Marc Suarette, “Path of Honors: Second Response” (Link)

“Teaching History with Digital Historical Games: An Introduction to the Field and Best Practices,” Simulation and Gaming 2016 (Online at SAGE)

Navigating the Problem Space: The Medium of Simulation Games in the Teaching of History,” The History Teacher 2012

Historical Simulations as Problem Spaces: Criticism and Classroom Use,” Journal of Digital Humanities 2012 (original at the Journal of Digital Humanities)

Simulation Games and the Study of the Past: Classroom Guidelines,” in PastPlay: Teaching and Learning History With Technology 2014)

“Using Games in the Classroom,” by Jennifer Groff, Jeremiah McCall, Paul Darvasi, and Zack Gilbert in Learning, Education and Games Volume Two: Bringing Games into Educational Contexts 2016

Video and Podcasts: Interviews and Talks

Studying Pixels Episode 54 (October 23, 2022) Games as Historical Problem Spaces (with Jeremiah McCall)

Distillations Podcast (Science History Institute) Episode 282 | August 10, 2021 Interview

“Agents and Obstacles: Videogames as Historical Problem Spaces” (May 2021) Historical Problem Space Talk in Helsinki 5/19/21 – YouTube

“USP Arise Project Interview: Historical Game Studies and Games in History Education” (March 2021) (ARISE – Entrevista – Jeremiah McCall – YouTube)

“Civilization IV and V as Gamic Histories” (April 2020) (Jeremiah McCall – Civilization IV and V as Gamic Histories – YouTube)

Playing with the Past: History and Video Games (CCDS Speaks 2019) News Posts – Cincinnati Country Day

Crafting Interactive Histories: Twine and Choice-Based Interactive Historical Texts (Sept. 2017) Crafting Interactive Histories: Twine and Choice-Based Interactive Historical Texts – YouTube

“Video Games as Public History and in the History Class” (April 2018) (Video Games as Public History and in the History Class – YouTube)

Gaming the Past Designer Talks Podcast

A series of conversations with designers of historical games about how they approach history and developing historical games.

Episodes 1-6 are out (Soren Johnson of Civilization IV and 10 Crowns; Jon Shafer of Civilization V and At the Gates; Philippe Malacher of Field of Glory Empires; Richard Bodley Scott of Field of Glory 2; Owen Gottlieb of Lost and Found; and Henrik Fahraeus of Crusader Kings 2 and 3)

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PlaythePast Essays

“Through the Darkest of Time’s Historical Problem Space: Part 1”(

“Through the Darkest of Time’s Historical Problem Space: Part 2”(

“An Introduction to Historical Problem Spaces” (

“Twine Teacher Diary” 2016 (here,

“Meaningful Choices (Twine Developer Diary),” 2016 (here,

“A Teacher’s Design Notes: Using Civilization IV to Teach about Agrarian Societies,” (here,

“Twine, Inform, and Designing Interactive History Text” (here, )

“Historical Simulations as Problem Spaces: Some Guidelines for Criticism, ” 2012 (here,  )

“Problem Spaces Part 2: The History Class (here,

“Hegemony: Philip of Macedon and the Inspiration of Simulation Games,” 2012 (here,

“The Unexamined Game is Not Worth Playing?” 2010 (here,

“The Happiness Metric in CivCity Rome and the Critique of Simulation Games,” 2010  (here,

Books and Articles on Ancient History

“The Manipular Army System and Command Decisions in the Second Century BCE,” in M. Fronda and J. Armstrong. eds. Romans at War, Routledge, 2020.
Clan Fabius: Defenders of Rome. A History of the Republic’s Most Illustrious Family. Pen and Sword, 2018. (Amazon Link)
Swords and Cinema: Hollywood vs. the Reality of Ancient Warfare. Pen and Sword, 2014. (Amazon Link)
The Sword of Rome: A Biography of Marcus Claudius Marcellus. Pen and Sword, 2012. (Amazon Link)

The Cavalry of the Roman Republic: Cavalry Combat and Elite Reputations in the Middle and Late Republic. Routledge, 2002. (Amazon Link)

Gaming the Past Essays Essays on Practical Implementation

In 2012, I wrote a series of essays for the Center for History and New Media (CHNM)’s These are intended to be short practical guidelines for teachers who want to implement lessons integrating historical games, a highly condensed version of ideas in the book, Gaming the Past.

Using Simulation Games in the History Classroom (pt. 1)

Evaluating Simulation Games for Classroom Use (pt. 2)

Structuring Lesson Plans Using Simulation Games (pt. 3)

Activities and Assessments for Simulation Games  (pt. 4)

Evaluative Activities and Assessments for Simulation Games (pt. 5)

Historical Problem Spaces (pt. 6)

Review of Mission US: For Crown or Colony

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