Presentation Notes and Materials and Other Resources

PDFs of various presentations mostly for the benefit of attendees.


HPS Diagram 2019. Use with McCall 2012A etc.


Slides for “Playing with the Past: Videogames and History”, CCDSPEAKS 1/26/19
Facebook Video


ISACS Annual Conference Presentation, “Crafting Simulated Worlds of Interactive Text: The Basics of Twine for History, English, and Language Teachers” 11/4/16 isacs-twine


McCall GLSES Keynote 2012: “All the Theory and Optimism in the World Won’t Get Me through the Next 50 Minutes of Class: Game- and Simulation-based Learning in Practice.”

McCall Gaming the Past Workshop – GLSES 2012: “Gaming the Past and Present: A Practical Approach to Using Video Games in History and Social Studies Classes.”

Handout: McCall – sample_problem_space_diagram

Inform Brainstorming Cards – Use these to teach, practice, and physically plot out the basics of rooms, characters, dialogue, and objects

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