Presentation Notes and Materials and Other Resources

PDFs of various presentations mostly for the benefit of attendees.


A slight redesign / reorganization of components in a Historical Problem Space diagram Use with McCall 2012A etc.


HPS Diagram 2019. Use with McCall 2012A etc.


Slides for “Playing with the Past: Videogames and History”, CCDSPEAKS 1/26/19
Facebook Video

ISACS Annual Conference Presentation, “Crafting Simulated Worlds of Interactive Text: The Basics of Twine for History, English, and Language Teachers” 11/4/16 isacs-twine


McCall GLSES Keynote 2012: “All the Theory and Optimism in the World Won’t Get Me through the Next 50 Minutes of Class: Game- and Simulation-based Learning in Practice.”

McCall Gaming the Past Workshop – GLSES 2012: “Gaming the Past and Present: A Practical Approach to Using Video Games in History and Social Studies Classes.”

Handout: McCall – sample_problem_space_diagram

Inform Brainstorming Cards – Use these to teach, practice, and physically plot out the basics of rooms, characters, dialogue, and objects

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