Gaming the Past Designer Talks Podcast – Show Notes

gtp LOGO1400Launched in April 2019, The GTP Designer Talks podcasts are interviews and conversation with historical game designers about designing historical games. Definitely a work in progress,  but this is the place to go to get insights from designers about all aspects of designing historical games. Available here on GTP,  Spotify Google Play and Apple Podcasts.

Released Episode List (Spotify; Google Play; Apple Podcasts)

Episode 1 (4/11/19): Soren Johnson, Mohawk Games (Civilization IV; 10 Crowns) Here
Episode 2 (7/1/19): Jon Shafer, Conifer Games (Civilization V; At the Gates). Here
Episode 3 (8/12/19): Philippe Malacher, Ageod (Field of Glory: Empires). Here
Episode 4 (10/10/19): Richard Bodley Scott, Byzantine Games (Field of Glory 2). Here
Episode 5 (2/2/2020) Owen Gottlieb, RIT MAGIC SPell Studios, (Lost and Found; Lost and Found Order in the Court: The Party Game) Here

Resources mentioned during the podcast

Episode 6 (5/2/2020) Henrik Fåhraeus, Paradox Development Studio, Designer of many Paradox Games, talking about Crusader Kings II and the upcoming CK III Here


Upcoming Episode List

I’ve been on a pandemic hiatus of sorts; let me know if you’d like more of these.

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