Twine Harlowe Part 2

For the Harlowe online manual by the designer, Leon Arnott: Harlowe 1.2.3 and Harlowe 2.0.0. This page just gives a quick list of a few things one can do with certain Harlowe macros, for those who find manuals daunting.

Make a Random Word or Text (or Link) Appear from a List with (either:)


(either: “Random Text 1”, “Random Text 2”)



The officer glares at you (either: “with unforgiving eyes”, “but there is a gentleness in the eyes”)

You’ll have to open the door, and so (either: “[[You open the door->Good Door]]”, ““[[You open the door->Bad Door]]”)


Generate a Random Number Like a Die Roll


(Random: Minimum#, Maximum#)



(set $dieRoll to (Random: 1, 6))

(if: $dieRoll > 4)[That was a high die roll!!]

(else-if: $dieRoll >2)[That was a pretty good die roll]

(else:)[That was a pretty bad die roll]

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