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History and Games Links – October 2018 to March 2019

Life has a way of rushing by; here we are, and there’s been no history and games links post since mid 2018. Needless to say; this is a long one.

Historical Video Games 

Historical Board Games 

  • The Europa Universalis Boardgame is in active development (Aegir Games)
  • Forum: Trade Empires of Rome, By Shawn Graham and Tom Brughmans. See Shawn’s piece on designing the game at his Electric Archaeology
  • Pax Emancipation, By Phil Eklund. Sierra Madre Games’ description: :”Assign warships to blockade slave ports or intercept slave ships, install missions, trading posts, and colonies in foreign lands steeped in serfdom, challenge the institution of slavery on moral and legal grounds in courts, and sanction underground railroads, slave revolts and revolutions. Play in cooperative-competitive, cooperative, or solitaire modes. If victorious, you achieve the greatest political accomplishment in history: making slavery everywhere illegal.”
  • This Guilty Land, By Hollandspiele Games. A game about the political conflicts over slavery in the period before the US Civil War. Two players take on the roles of two abstractions, Justice and Oppression, one furthering abolition and one opposing it. Says the designer, “It seeks to treat the subject matter with sensitivity and respect. There is no piece that represents a human being – no action that replicates the horrors and the lived experience of slavery. Instead, this is about the framework that allowed that evil to exist, and the moral cowardice that enabled it to continue to exist.”

Twine and Twine Histories

  • CCDS History Twines: Caesar and Pompey from Fall 2018 Roman Republic is finally up — and it’s excellent!  Here at Gamingthepast.net

Games and History – Essays and Journal Articles from History and Games Critics, Students and Scholars

Games and History – Online Reviews, Commentary, and News Items from Games Media and Other Media

Designer Insights

Podcasts and Youtubes


  • VALUE, Leiden University, The Interactive Past 2 (TIPC) Conference 8-10 October 2018 in Beeld em Geluid, Hilversum, Netherlands. FIND THE ONLINE REPOSITORY

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