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April and Mid-May History and Games List


Historical Video Games 

  • The Curious Expedition, now has a demo for its browser based version. This game of European exploration in the Age of Imperialism has been used in history classes successfully. The browser based version will make the game even more accessible.
  • Dead in Vinland, A survival strategy game with adventure/murder mystery elements set in a Viking settlement on a strange isle.
  • Hard Ancient Life (Q4 2018) – “Hard Ancient Life is a city-building economic strategy taking place in the Nile Valley. Immerse yourself in a world full of pyramids, where you will become a part of the ancient world. Create history, be history!”
  • Imperator: Rome – Paradox interactive just announced it is developing a game set in the 4th – 1st centuries BCE Mediterranean. Out for release in 2019
  • March to Glory, – “March to Glory is a turn-based strategy game that takes you through the Napoleonic wars with a new strategic and challenging gameplay, full of interesting mechanics combined with thrilling combat.”
  • One Hour, One Life – If I understand correclty, not a historical game, but rather focused on how modern humans, deprived of all technology, would rebuild civilization. One lifespan takes 1 hour of gametime, it’s multiplayer, and remains of human civilizations built during the game can be used by incoming players. So it sounds to me like a potentially excellent and creative way to think about the neolithic revolution and rise of civilizations.
  • Reflexio – An archaeology game on itch.io. “Play as Laura Kraft and investigate the mystery of an archaeological site. In this exploration-and-puzzles video game, you’ll have to travel the ancient ruins, looking for time-lost archaeologists and artifacts hidden in the scenery. “
  • Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia
  • Walden, A Game — Designed by the USC Innovation Lab (Walden game website here), Walden is a first person open world sim of Thoreau’s efforts to live self-reliantly.

Historical Board Games 

  • Paradox announces Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis Boardgames (Strategy Gamer)

Twine and Twine Histories

  • Kathleen Crowther, Anne Boleyn
  • Jeremiah McCall, Epoiesen, “Path of Honors: Towards a Model for Interactive History Texts with Twine” The first response essays is up. This is an overview of using Twine and choice-based texts compared to video games and static texts to create interactive histories and the current (though barely started) version of my Path of Honors Twine.
  • Angus Mol, Epoiesen, “Path of Honors: First Response”. Beyond reviewing my PoH project, Angus offer a very interesting analysis of open source interactive history (represented, he suggests, by PoH) and closed source, “black box”, interactive history like Assassin’s Creed: Origins. I think his ideas here are important and will grow to be more so as we continue interactive history studies.
  • Rob Parker, First Person Scholar, “Interview with Chris Klimas“, Klimas is the creator of Twine
  • Marc Saurette, “Path of Honors: Second Response” explores the practice of developing games to teach history and what a rules-based historical interpretation can offer to student players and designers of games. This, too, is an important for read for those interesting in moving the needle forward on game design as history pedagogy.
  • CSULB Student Twine Game Portfolio. A series of historical Twines designed by students in Jeffery Lawler’s History 172 Class, Spring 2018. Native American Legacy, the American Revolution, Mary Ann’s Mission, and more.
  • CCDS Ancient World History Twines: Trial of Socrates, Alexander the Great and the Conquest of Persia and more 9th grade Twines coming (the very best of the batch) from the 2018 research paper and Twine project in my Ancient World History Classes. Here at Gamingthepast.net

Games and History – Essays and Journal Articles from History and Games Critics, Students and Scholars

Games and History – Online Reviews, Commentary, and News Items from Games Media and Other Media

Designer Insights

Podcasts and Youtubes


  • VALUE, Leiden University, The Interactive Past 2 (TIPC) Conference is scheduled for 8-10 October 2018 in Beeld em Geluid, Hilversum, Netherlands.


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