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February (Even though it’s March) History and Games Links

Here’s the list for February. A lot of games, including the controversial Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the uncommonly focused Nantucket (19th century whaling), and the potentially very classroom-useful Neolithic: First City States. Some excellent essays and podcasts; really all kinds of materials. Enjoy!

Historical Video Games 

  • Age of Empires: Definitive Edition — An updated version for Windows 10 of a watershed commercial history game, first released in 1997. Currently only available through the Windows store, but there is some buzz that it will be available on Steam. See T.J. Hafer and Marcello Perricone’s articles below
  • Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt— Lots of excitement for this, a violence-free tourist mode where players can explore the 3D world of late Ptolemaic Egypt, meet historical figures, and learn about material culture. This is a free update for those who own AC: Origins, but also can be purchased separately.  Be aware this will take a good graphics card to run well. See John Hopley’s essay below.
  • Check Your 6! — Turn-based game of aerial battles in World War 2
  • Fields of Glory 2: Legions Triumphant expansion— An expansion (must own the main FoG2) focused on the Roman Empire and its foes from Augustus to Romulus Augustulus (476 CE)

  • Nantucket— A 19th century whaling simulation game set in the world of Moby Dick a few years after the events of the novel. Be sure to check out the Three Moves Ahead podcast and Rob Zacny’s article on the game, both listed below.
  • Neolithic: First City States – I’m excited by this one, given my teaching and research interests. The solo developer terms it a combination of “city-building, military strategy, and deep character development.” Charles Ellis interviewed developer Alexander Jack last August for Strategy Gamer
  • Rise of Industry — Build an empire on industry starting in the early 20th century. See the early access review by Fraser Brown below.
  • Refuge: Every Journey Ends — “You play as Sayid, a bus driver forced from hi hometown to find somewhere safe. With his unlikely entourage, you will guide them through the trials and tribulations that are par for the course for refugees.” See details at the website Refuge The Game
  • Rise of Liberty  A “single-player massive Revolutionary War battle simulator.” It’s not clear to me exactly what you’re getting with this one, The 3D graphics are quite simplistic, almost Minecraft-like,  but perhaps this hides a solid simulations. It has very positibe reviews and Revolutionary War battle is a subject rarely touched by designers.
  • Sea Dogs  — “An epic role-playing game for the pirate in all of us. Return to the age of sail as a young captain looking to make a name in the world.”
  • Understanding Africville — A game by Jim Pedrech about the Canadian community of Africville historically settled by Black Canadians. Check out Jim Pedrech’s site while you’re at it.
  • Total War: Rome 2 Desert Kingdoms DLC — Has bubbled up in games media among other reasons, because players can take the roles of historical women leaders or, as Creative Assembly puts it as a Key Feature, “Higher probability of female characters in politics.” Cleopatra and Teuta, Queen of Illyria are definite. Requires the base game Total War: Rome 2 to play

Twine and Twine Histories

Games and History – Essays and Journal Articles from History and Games Critics Students and Scholars

Games and History – Online Reviews, Commentary, and News Items from Games Media and Other Media

Podcasts and Youtubes


  • VALUE, Leiden University, The Interactive Past 2 (TIPC) COnference is scheduled for 8-10 October 2018 in Beeld em Geluid, Hilversum, Netherlands
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