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Mid-December History and Games Links

When I began the cycle I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough in a month. Amazing what pops up as we all work on history and games. Don’t forget to send links my way for the mid-January links page.

Historical Video Games

  • Ambition: A Minuet in Power  is currently on Kickstarter.  According to its designers: “Court, snub and seduce your way to the top of society. Extend your influence, uncover the intrigue of the coming revolution, and ensure that you end up on the winning side of history.”
  • Arté: Mecenas – Made for art history and world history classes, Arte: Mecenas places the player as a Medici banker developing business and patronizing Renaissance Art.
  • Games by Colestia on itch.io – A set of small games about historical and real world topics. Post/Capitalism I found powerfully provocative and simple in its argument.
  • Command: Shifting Sands –  “Traces the history of many Arab-Israeli conflicts: from the sidelines of the Suez crisis, through the lightning Six-Day War… all the way to the historic Osirak raid and the epic air battle over the Bekaa Valley.”
  • Curious Expedition – A game about 19th century European exploration and Imperialism. The designers have offered their game for free to interested educators (info@curious-expedition.com)
  • Field of Glory II: Immortal Fire – The expansion to Field of Glory II focused on the Greco-Persian wars
  • Oriental Empires – Turn-based strategy focused on ancient Chineses civilizations. As I noted in my tweet, I’m not fully comfortable with the title, but this seems to be a legitimate (and well-received) strategy game.
  • Venti Mesi – “A collection of playable stories about Italian Resistance and Liberation from Nazi-Fascism.”
  • Way of the Defector – Assume the role of a defector trying to escape North Korea and reach safety

Historical Pen and Paper/Board/Card Games

  • Lost & Found: A Game Series of Medieval Religious Laws – ” A strategy card-to-mobile game system that teaches medieval religious legal systems with attention to period accuracy and cultural and historical context.  The Lost & Found games project seeks to expand the discourse around religious legal systems, to enrich public conversations in a variety of communities, and to promote greater understanding of the religious traditions that build the fabric of the United States.”

Historical Twines, Twine Talk, Interactive Text Talk

  • Banneker Boulevard by Noor Ashour – A short IF about exploring Banneker Boulevard in 1920
  • Sam Kabo Ashwell, Standard Patterns in Choice-Based Games – A couple years old, but an excellent analysis of core types of organization for choice-based games. Relevant to historical text design.

Games and History – Online Reviews, Commentary, and News Items


Games and History – Journal Articles and Books

Games and Education – Journal Articles and Books

Cool Game Studies Related Events 

Other Stuff

  • Bitsy v4.4 – “a little editor for little games or worlds”
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  1. March 3, 2018 at 8:59 pm

    Heard your interview on GDR, this is really interesting work. Really appreciate the links, they’ve been fascinating to read through as well.

    • March 3, 2018 at 9:42 pm

      Thanks, David; I appreciate the encouragement! More links coming soon!

  1. February 18, 2018 at 8:03 am

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